Power Lawyers 2019: Hollywood's Top 100 Attorneys

The Hollywood Reporter
Published on:
March 29th, 2019
Photo Credit: Sylvie Rosokoff


Why she matters Known for her work helping to extend federal benefits to married same-sex couples in the U.S., Kaplan has become a go-to litigator for #MeToo cases. The co-founder of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, Kaplan is defending “Shitty Media Men” list creator Moira Donegan, who has been sued for defamation by a man named on the list. She also negotiated a settlement of Brett Ratner’s defamation suit against client Melanie Kohler.

Most overused Hollywood buzzword "'Woke.' While I certainly agree with the sentiment, I am too much of a grammarian to buy in wholeheartedly."

Favorite place to celebrate a win “In the courtroom. The best place to celebrate a win is when it happens, when the lawyers all high-five each other in the courtroom. After that, I would say whichever bar or restaurant is closest.”


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