Robbie Kaplan was featured in the Moment Magazine article, “10 Women You Need to Know This Women’s History Month.” The article notes that the highlighted women, which include Martha Nussbaum, Alice Shalvi and Edith Halpert, are “powerful and inspiring women who work hard to create change and make an impact.”

In the accompanying profile about Robbie, originally published in December 2021, Moment observes that Robbie "is not fazed by controversial cases." Through her representation of Edie Windsor, Robbie played a prominent role in the fight to legalize marriage equality. Robbie currently represents E. Jean Carroll in her defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump. Last year, Robbie, along with colleagues at Paul Weiss and Cooley, won a multimillion-dollar jury verdict against 17 white supremacist leaders and organizations, including Richard Spencer, Chris Cantwell and the predecessor to Patriot Front, in order to show how the court system can be used to fight back against racially motivated violence like that which occurred in Charlottesville in 2017. The court recently recommended that Robbie and her team receive another almost $5 million in costs and attorney's fees against the defendants in that case.

Moment Magazine is an independent magazine focuses on the life of the American Jewish community and was founded in 1975 by Nobel Peace Laureate Elie Wiesel and writer Leonard Fein.

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