Partner Mike Ferrara was quoted in the Law360 article, “The Prosecutor Turned Judge Handling Cognizant Bribe Case.” 

"He is very studious. He loves the law. He's going to really get into, what do the cases say about this?" Mike Ferrara, a litigation partner at Kaplan Hecker & Fink LLP who worked under Judge Michael E. Farbiarz as a prosecutor in the Southern District of New York, said in an interview with Law360 Pulse.

"He's not going to fly by the seat of his pants. He's going to study. I suspect he's going to be more knowledgeable on the law than any of the lawyers," Ferrara said.

Ferrara also emphasized Judge Farbiarz's integrity when he was a prosecutor. Judge Farbiarz didn't believe in attempting to win in court by surprise, and rather than chastising subordinate prosecutors for sharing too much with the defense, Ferrara said, Judge Farbiarz was more likely to criticize them for not being open enough.

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