Employment and Discrimination

Kaplan Hecker & Fink lawyers have extensive experience advising and representing organizations in sensitive employment and discrimination matters.  We assist clients with a wide range of matters involving pending or potential litigation, including with respect to Title IX and Title VII claims, independent contractor and Fair Labor Standards Act classification, and development and implementation of policies to ensure a fair and unbiased workplace.

Kaplan Hecker is the “go-to” firm for Columbia University and other academic institutions for their most important Title VII and Title IX matters. Educational settings are unique. The relationships between administration, faculty, students, and alumni create a web of considerations that are meaningfully different from those of corporations and other non-profit organizations. Moreover, the specific culture of each educational institution means that what works for one institution may not work for another. At Kaplan Hecker, our lawyers fully appreciate the careful attention that must go into cultivating a lasting and effective relationship with an educational institution and have the experience and perspective to deliver results to our education clients that are not just successes in the courtroom, but also in the classrooms, faculty lounges, and alumni houses.

At Kaplan Hecker, we also advise and counsel institutions and companies who are committed to building progressive workplaces free of discrimination, harassment, and inequality.  In our view, ensuring equality is not only a legal requirement; it is also good business. When women don’t feel safe speaking up, organizations are deprived of valuable ideas. Further, our attorneys understand that workplace disputes can not only disrupt productivity, but also do serious damage to a company’s reputation. We advise organizations on how best to provide a progressive, safe, and inclusive working environment for their employees, so that all employees’ voices are heard and valued.

Robbie Kaplan also currently serves as the Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Board for Vice Media, along with other experts in the field, to help improve the company’s policies and procedures.

Other representative Discrimination and Employment matters include:

  • Advising a public university on Title VII and Title IX issues.
  • Representing Handy Technologies LLC in connection with pending litigation related to the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Advising a large media company on employment policy compliance with Title VII.
  • Advising large corporations and institutions on improvement and implementation of workplace policies and procedures.

Prior to launching Kaplan Hecker, some of our lawyers’ representative Discrimination and Employment matters included:

  • Represented the Minnesota Vikings in connection with its settlement with former NFL punter, Chris Kluwe.
  • Represented a large financial institution in class-action Title VII lawsuits alleging gender discrimination.
  • Represented a large insurance company in class-action Title VII lawsuits alleging race discrimination.